Megyn Kelly slams MSNBC hosts for ‘sneering’ at Virginia voters concerned about illegal immigration

Podcast host Megyn Kelly criticized MSNBC hosts Jen Psaki and Rachel Maddow for their comments mocking Virginia voters for expressing concern about illegal immigration on Tuesday.

Kelly made the criticism over Psaki and Maddow discussing the results of the Virginia primary election, in which Psaki was perplexed as to why immigration was “the No. 1 issue” among voters in an exit survey. Maddow joked that Virginia “does have a border with West Virginia,” calling it a “very contested area.”

“You’ve got three of the faves,” Kelly said in describing Psaki and Maddow’s segment. “You’ve got Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Jen Psaki scoffing, I mean, just sneering at this notion that Virginia voters are going to vote based on immigration or care about immigration.”

Kelly argued that Virginia voters were right to be concerned about
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