Stimulus update: Direct payment worth $1,312 to be sent to some Alaska residents in 17 days

The Alaska Department of Revenue will issue payments from the Permanent Fund Dividend to another batch of residents who have yet to receive their checks from the state program in 17 days.

PFD checks will go out on March 21 to those with the “Eligible-Not Paid” status as of March 13 and have yet to get their checks from the program for 2023 or earlier, according to the state.

To qualify for the program, an Alaskan must intend to remain a resident of the state indefinitely and may not be a convicted felon, along with other requirements.

The payment amount for the Permanent Fund Dividend is based on the state’s annual mineral revenues for each year. The checks are sent to eligible residents once a year. The PFD check was worth $1,312 in 2023, with the distribution for that year beginning in October.

“The 2023 PFD
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