US one of eight UN members that allows abortion ‘on demand without any gestational limits’: Report

EXCLUSIVE — The United States is one of the most permissive countries in the world for abortion, among only a small worldwide minority of countries that impose zero gestational limits on the procedure, according to a new report.

The report from the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a research organization that supports bringing unborn babies to term, found that out of the 193 United Nations member countries, America is one of eight that allows abortion “on demand without any gestational limits” at a federal level. The U.S. is joined by Australia, Canada, China, Guinea-Bissau, Mexico, South Korea, and Vietnam.

“Our report makes one thing clear: the United States is a global outlier when it comes to abortion,” report authors Mary Harned and Mia Steupert told the Washington Examiner. “With no federal gestational limit on abortion and
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