Samantha-Jo Roth says Biden’s low polling among ‘key demographics’ raises red flags

The Washington Examiner’s Samantha-Jo Roth suggested that President Joe Biden’s poor polling numbers could mean he’s lost some of the voters he counted on in 2020.

Roth appeared on Fox News Live on Sunday to respond to the network’s latest poll, which found that 58% of respondents disapproved of Biden. In particular, Roth pointed to the “key demographics” the president has lost, according to this poll.

“You are seeing that the president is not polling as well [with] some of that electorate that he was able to clinch the last time around. We’re looking at weaknesses with African Americans, weaknesses with Hispanics,” Roth said. “Those are some key demographics that should certainly be warning signs for him.”

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has been able to increase his support
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