Decriminalizing prostitution in Illinois proposed; lawmaker shocked at idea

(The Center Square) – Prostitution is illegal in all states except certain parts of Nevada. Illinois legislators and LGBTQ advocates pushed for the state to decriminalize prostitution at a news conference Wednesday.

Equality Illinois board member and former sex worker Reyna Ortiz said the criminalization of adults engaging consensually in sex work is what makes the line of work so dangerous.

“Like anyone else going to work, it’s important to be safe and feel protected under the law. The decriminalization of sex work is providing safety for adults who engage in consensual sex,” Ortiz said. “No longer should sex workers be forced into the darkness of this society. Our hope is no matter how you feel about sex work, you share our belief that no sex worker should be assaulted, victimized or killed simply for simply engaging in adult-consenusal sex work, the world’s oldest profession. Decriminalization is finally giving safety
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