Georgia Senate tackles swatting, fentanyl trafficking

(The Center Square) — The Georgia Senate this week passed a measure to increase the penalty for swatting and also created a new criminal offense to target fentanyl dealers.

The move comes after several Georgia officials were swatted during and since the Christmas holiday and follows a national trend of an increased number of swatting calls, a hoax 911 call reporting a fake emergency prompting authorities to respond to an unsuspecting house.

Senate Bill 421 amends OCGA 16-10-28, which the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia previously told The Center Square could be used to tackle swatting. It strengthens the penalties for anyone who makes a fake request for emergency services help.

“The passing of SB 421 is of significant importance, as several Senators, including myself, were the victims of the swatting calls,” Sen. Clint Dixon, R-Gwinnett, said in a statement. “We are one step closer to holding
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