Trump sends warning to lobbyists ahead of DC primary: Show up or ‘don’t bother calling’

Former Donald Trump’s campaign is sending a warning to lobbyists in Washington, D.C., threatening to withhold access to the White House if they fail to support his bid when voters cast their ballots over the weekend

Voters in the district can cast their ballots in the Republican presidential primary until polls close on Sunday, and Washington could be the place where Nikki Haley notches her first victory against Trump. The former president’s team is watching closely. 

“If you don’t bother voting, don’t bother calling,” a Trump campaign official told Politico. 

Under D.C. law, campaigns can request access to voter rolls to see who voted in the primary and who abstained. Although they can’t see which candidate individuals voters cast ballots for, a Trump aide told the outlet they’d be checking to see who didn’t participate. 

“The Trump campaign is very
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