House committee accused of undermining democracy with proposed election laws

EXCLUSIVE — A historically bipartisan and relatively unknown House committee is being thrust into the spotlight over accusations of “undercutting voting rights” as Republicans seek to use their power to advance a slate of new election laws.

A new report released this week by Accountable.US, a self-described nonpartisan watchdog that has been characterized as “center-left” by outside groups, targets the House Administration Committee with accusations that Republicans are using their majority to alter election laws ahead of the 2024 contest to boost former President Donald Trump.

The group argues the committee has been filled with far-right Republicans intent on “undermining Capitol security, constraining the freedom to vote, and propping up election conspiracies.”

The 39-page report, first obtained by the Washington Examiner, specifically targets the Republican lawmakers on the committee led by Chairman Bryan Steil (R-WI),
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