Hawley says Biden making border visit is a ‘middle finger to middle America’

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) argued that President Joe Biden‘s visit to the southern border is a “middle finger to middle America.”

The president’s visit to the southern border is scheduled for Thursday in Brownsville, Texas, which is located in the Rio Grande Valley. The Missouri senator argued that Biden’s visit is being made in “contempt” for residents of the United States, adding that he “doesn’t care” about border security.

“For Joe Biden to go stand in a parking lot three years after he opened the border and say, ‘Oh, see, look! It’s working! My policies are working!’ This is an outrage. It is the middle finger to middle America, and it’s time he was held accountable for it,” Hawley said on Fox News’s The Faulkner Focus.

Hawley also suggested that Biden reimplement the Remain
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