Republican Texas Supreme Court justice up for reelection blasts ‘brainwashed’ colleagues in leaked audio

A Republican Texas Supreme Court justice going for reelection was caught calling his colleagues “brainwashed” in a leaked audio recording.

Justice John Devine pitched himself to a group of voters in September as the antidote to the other members, who boast “Big Law” backgrounds. This background has led to them being out of touch, he argued, focusing more on procedure than the Constitution, according to the audio obtained by the Texas Tribune.

“At times I feel like they would sacrifice the republic for the sake of the process,” he said. “My concern is that they all bow down to the altar of process rather than to fidelity to the Constitution. And when I say that, it’s not meant to be malice towards my colleagues. I think it’s how they were trained — how they were brainwashed.”

Devine, a former
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