Michigan autoworker blasts Biden and touts Trump

A veteran Michigan autoworker blasted President Joe Biden on Tuesday and touted former President Donald Trump as a president who will “walk the walk” for autoworkers.

“Donald Trump came into office, tore up the NAFTA agreement, which was horrible for American autoworkers, and renegotiated the USMCA, which leveled the playing field, so it’s not as incentivized for our jobs and plants to go to Mexico,” Brian Pannebecker of Autoworkers for Trump 2024 told Bill Hemmer on Fox News’s America’s Newsroom.

Additional Trump policies, including opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for oil drilling and seeing gas prices drop below $2 per gallon, make it clear Trump is the president autoworkers need, Pannebecker said.

Michigan Auto Worker: "All of Biden's policies have basically hurt auto workers… Donald Trump walks the walk;
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