Top DCCC fundraiser lobbied for Chinese military-tied company on Pentagon blacklist

The campaign arm for House Democrats counts one of its top fundraisers as a recent lobbyist for a U.S. government-sanctioned company linked to China’s military, records show.

Steve Elmendorf was listed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in a Federal Election Commission filing covering the month of January as a bundler, which refers to influential people who collect donations and transfer them, to the tune of $125,800. But by day, Elmendorf is a lobbyist at the high-powered Washington, D.C.-based firm Avoq, formerly called Subject Matter, where until Thursday, he was registered on behalf of DJI Technology, the world’s largest drone maker that the Pentagon in 2022 placed on a blacklist of “Chinese military companies” operating in the United States.

Elmendorf’s connection to DJI, which was also Read more…

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