CPAC 2024: Elise Stefanik warns Democrats will ‘stop at nothing’ to steal 2024 election

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — House GOP Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) offered a stark warning to attendees at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, claiming Democrats would use former President Donald Trump’s legal challenges to “steal the next election.”

“The closer President Trump gets to victory, the dirtier the Democrats, their stenographers in the media, and the corrupt prosecutors will get,” Stefanik said in her prepared remarks. “They will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing in their attempt to steal this next election.”

Stefanik has long been one of Trump’s staunchest supporters within the halls of Congress and has played an active role in protecting Trump as he faces legal troubles in states such as New York and Georgia. Stefanik has submitted several judicial complaints in Trump’s civil fraud case in New York, accusing
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