First federal gender-based hate crime trial underway in South Carolina

Jury selection began Tuesday in a South Carolina courtroom for the first federal hate crime trial based on gender identity. 

Daqua Lameek Ritter is facing life behind bars for the 2019 fatal shooting of Dime Doe, a black 24-year-old transgender woman.

The Matthew J. Perry, Jr. Courthouse in Columbia, South Carolina. The first federal trial over a hate crime based on gender identity is set to begin at the courthouse Tuesday, Feb. 20, where Daqua Lameek Ritter faces charges that he killed a black transgender woman and then fled to New York. (AP Photo/James Pollard)

Prosecutors claim Ritter’s friends and girlfriend found out he was allegedly in a sexual relationship with Doe and taunted him with homophobic slurs and other insults. Doe and Ritter had been close friends and were related through Ritter’s aunt and Doe’s uncle, but rumors of
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