Hunter Biden faces two judges with similar pattern of handing down harsh sentences

Hunter Biden’s recent conviction on three felony gun charges could send him to prison for many years or not at all, given his first-time offender status. But the president’s son faces judges in both of his criminal cases who are known for being heavy-handed sentencers.

Federal judges Maryellen Noreika of Wilmington, Delaware, and Mark Scarsi of Los Angeles, both appointed by former President Donald Trump, have been known to hand down prison time even when it’s not required. Scarsi is presiding over the California tax fraud case in which Biden allegedly failed to pay taxes on millions of dollars worth of income. He faces six misdemeanors and three felony counts.

In this courtroom sketch, Hunter Biden, center, appears in front of Judge Mark C. Scarsi, left, and alongside attorney Abbe Lowell, right, at federal court on Thursday, Jan.
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