Singapore Airlines to compensate violent turbulence victims $10,000 or more

Singapore Airlines announced Monday that it would compensate victims of turbulence $10,000, while those suffering serious injuries have been offered $25,000.

A spokesperson wrote in a Facebook post that the airline “apologises to all passengers for the traumatic experience on board flight SQ321 on 20 May 2024. We are committed to providing our full support and assistance during this time.”

The May flight was marked by “terror” and “horror,” according to the BBC, with passengers suffering injuries due to severe turbulence and one man, Geoff Kitchen, 73, reportedly dying from a heart attack.

The airline is offering $10,000 for anyone hospitalized with a minor injury.

“SIA can confirm that we have sent out the offers of compensation to the passengers on 10 June 2024,” the post reads. “For passengers who sustained minor injuries from the incident,
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