Judge Cannon rejects Trump effort to dismiss counts against him in classified documents case

Judge Alieen Cannon, who is presiding over Donald Trump’s classified documents case in Florida, denied a request from the former president to dismiss some of the charges in the indictment.

Trump and his co-defendants sought to have several of the 41 indictments thrown out, but Cannon refused. However, she did rule that one paragraph from the indictments must be stricken, noting its “prejudicial” nature. The paragraph details an occurrence in which Trump is alleged to have shown a highly sensitive military map to one of his close aides after leaving the presidency.

“The identified deficiencies, even if generating some arguable confusion, are either permitted by law, raise evidentiary challenges not appropriate for disposition at this juncture, and/or do not require dismissal even if technically deficient, so long as the jury is instructed appropriately and
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