How Democrats are trying to get young and old voters excited to show up in November

Facing sagging enthusiasm, Democrats are utilizing various novel tactics to get voters to show up to the polls in November.

Two of the main targets are young voters, who, though still supporting President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump, have expressed a wane in enthusiasm, as well as elderly people, who historically side with Republicans. Democrats are increasingly catering specifically to these two demographics’ interests, to the extent that the Trump campaign has denounced it as bribery.

In different events across the country, sponsored or thrown directly by the Democratic Party, campaign operatives are offering free beer, free contraceptives, music concerts, free food, manicures, rent check sweepstakes, boot shines, comedy shows, and dance parties, among other incentives. These are all specifically geared toward boosting enthusiasm from young voters.

In a statement, top Trump campaign adviser Chris LaCivita
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