Sen. Rick Scott announces he will vote against legalizing recreational marijuana

The issue of drug addiction is personal for Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL). 

He lost his brother in April due to years of abusing controlled substances and alcohol. Scott claimed that his brother’s addiction first started with using marijuana in his youth and gradually evolved over the years. It was his brother’s death that he had in mind when he announced last week that he would be voting against a ballot measure in November to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida. 

“People end up with addictive personalities, and so he did,” Scott said during an interview. “It messes up your life, and so that’s why I’ve never supported legalization of drugs.”

Florida legalized marijuana for medical use in 2016, joining 37 other states in the nation that had previously done so. Floridians will have the opportunity to vote on the Marijuana Legalization Initiative, known as Florida Amendment 3, in
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