MTG says Trump is a convicted felon like Jesus

Warming up the crowd for Donald Trump in Nevada over the weekend, Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) compared the former president to Jesus — again.

She said Jesus was a convicted felon like Trump, who was recently convicted of 34 felonies by a New York jury for his role in a Manhattan hush money case. The House Republican gave the remarks as part of a longer speech as she helps Trump on the campaign trail in political battleground Nevada.

“The Democrats and the fake news media want to constantly talk about, ‘Oh, President Trump is a convicted felon,’” Greene said. “Well, you want to know something? The man that I worship is also a convicted felon. He was murdered on a Roman cross.”

Jesus was not a convicted felon, though he was arrested by Roman authorities. Felonies did not exist
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