Tiana Lowe Doescher points to Biden supporters ‘openly defecting’ to Trump

Tiana Lowe Doescher suggested President Joe Biden‘s bad policies are pushing people to “defect” to Donald Trump this November.

Lowe Doescher, a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, discussed the new-found Trump supporters in people like David Sacks on Fox News’s Cavuto Live on Saturday. According to her analysis, Biden only has himself to blame for losing their support.

“So, in this case, you’re seeing a lot of people openly defecting. For a while, there really was a chilling effect of the Silicon Valley elite … after Jan. 6, where people really did distance themselves from Donald Trump. That’s in the background now. And I think the focus is not just for investors who are terrified by the movement in the bond markets now,” Lowe Doescher said.
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