DNC billboard attack ad to greet Trump as ‘convicted white-collar crook’ in Nevada

Former President Donald Trump will be in Nevada on Sunday, as will a billboard attacking him for his status as a convicted felon, paid for by the Democratic National Committee.

The attack ad comes after a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records last week. While the former president has committed to appealing the verdict within the 30-day limit, the DNC is knocking him for the conviction.

“Trump was a disaster for Nevada’s economy,” the billboard reads. “Now he’s back. A convicted white-collar crook. Coddling billionaires, leaving workers behind.”

DNC spokeswoman Stephanie Justice cited the Nevada Republican Party’s own bylaw, Article 16, which forbids the party from supporting a felon. The most recent set of rules was enacted in 2022, before Trump’s trials made it to any docket.

“After attacking Nevada voters’
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