Comer teases ‘imminent report’ on criminal allegations against Biden

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) predicted that a report would be released “very soon” listing criminal allegations against President Joe Biden.

Comer appeared on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures to offer an update on the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden, the president’s second-eldest son. As the committee’s chair, Comer suggested that the “next step will be accountability for Joe Biden.”

“I think that it’s no secret that Joe Biden’s committed many crimes, and I think that you’re going to see a report very soon. That report is imminent,” Comer said. “That’ll probably be an interim report that updates everyone on the crimes that that Biden and his administration have committed throughout this investigation and through the years of the Obama-Biden Administration.”

Host Maria Bartiromo asked why the committee won’t use its subpoena power to
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