Israel rescues four hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7

Four Israelis taken hostage by Hamas on Oct. 7 during the attacks at the Nova music festival were rescued by security forces Saturday morning.

The rescued hostages are Noa Argamani, 25, Almog Meir Jan, 21, Andrey Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Ziv, 40. They have all been taken to  Sheba Tel-HaShomer Medical Center near Tel Aviv, and are reported to be in good condition.

Once reunited with her father and dying mother, Argamani talked with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the phone. Video footage from the attack in October, showed Argamani reaching out for her boyfriend as she was being taken away on the back of a motorcycle by two Hamas terrorists. 

She appeared in a series of propaganda videos released by Hamas in January. The first video clip shows Argamani beside two male hostages, Yossi
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