RFK Jr’s pricey New York ballot petition challenged by Biden-aligned super PAC for residency lies 

A super PAC backing President Joe Biden is challenging Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s New York residency claim, saying the campaign lied about it in its ballot petition.

The PAC, Clear Choice, is alleging Kennedy has little connection to his New York residence and now lives on the West Coast in a complaint to the state’s Board of Elections.

“The objectors have proven and, will continue to prove, by clear and convincing evidence that candidate Kennedy violated New York State law when he listed the petition residence on his presidential petitions, and therefore candidate Kennedy should be barred from seeking the public office of president of the United States,” the group’s complaint reads.

A Board of Elections spokeswoman, Kathleen McGrath, told the New York Times that a determination of residency would be “outside the ministerial scope”
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