New York City Audubon changes name over namesake’s slave-owning history

The New York City Audubon has changed its name to the New York City Bird Alliance, citing its former namesake, John James Audubon’s racist past.

“While we value John James Audubon’s contributions to art and ornithology, and the foundation he laid for an appreciation of nature and a conservation ethos in this country, we recognize that his views and actions towards people of color and Indigenous people were harmful and offensive — and that harm continues today,” the organization’s website states. 

“A name once chosen for its popular appeal and association with beautiful images of birds is now associated with slavery and racism,” it added.

NYC Audubon is thrilled to share the NEW name of our organization. We’re now NYC Bird Alliance

— NYC Bird Alliance (@nycbirdalliance) June 6, 2024

Audubon was an artist and
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