Clarence Thomas received far more in ‘gifts’ in last 20 years than other justices combined: Watchdog

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas received almost all of the nearly $5 million in “gifts” given to justices since 2004, according to a liberal watchdog.

The new data were released by Fix the Court, a group born from the liberal nonprofit organization New Venture Fund. Its release comes as Thomas has been heavily scrutinized by Democrats for his accepting of “gifts,” which the Left has argued taints his impartiality. Thomas has received an estimated $4,042,286 in gifts, out of $4,755,147 received by all 17 current and retired justices since 2004.

If another 126 “likely” gifts given to Thomas are added, the total rises to $6,592,657, amounting to 672 gifts total. Even this, the watchdog said, is likely an undercount.

The single most expensive gift was five trips to Bohemian Grove, valued at $262,500. Among his other gifts
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