Johnny Wactor dead: Actor dies at 37 from fatal gunshot wound

Actor Johnny Wactor died early Saturday when he was shot by three men who are suspected of stealing the catalytic converter from his car.

Wactor, 37, saw three men surrounding his vehicle while with a coworker in downtown Los Angeles, California, according to his mother Scarlett’s report to TMZ. He reportedly did not fight the suspects, but was shot anyways and died of his wounds at a nearby hospital.

Police have not captured any suspects related to the shooting.

Catalytic converters are common components on cars that help filter engine exhaust. They tend to be made out of precious metals of value, which makes them the target of theft.

“absolutely heartbroken while typing this,” co-star Ashton Arbab wrote on X. “Johnny Wactor was not only my tv dad for more than 25 episodes on General
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