Trump’s hand of friendship bit by members of Libertarian Party

Former President Donald Trump’s attempt at extending a “hand of friendship” to members of the Libertarian National Convention was rebuked Saturday night.

Trump asked for the endorsement of the Libertarian Party, urging delegates to back him if they want to win. He also offered to appoint a Libertarian to his Cabinet if he is reelected.

“Nominate me, or at least vote for me, and we should win together,” Trump said, noting the party can do more than just 3% of the vote, as was the case in the 2016 election.

“Don’t waste a vote,” he later added.

The former president, however, found himself in a rare situation in contrast to his raucous rallies packed with true believers. His offer was greeted with loud booing from Libertarians that competed with vocal support from his own backers who attended the event Saturday night
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