Libertarians and MAGA supporters clash ahead of Trump speech: ‘This isn’t your convention’

Tensions rose at the Libertarian National Convention on Saturday as delegates filed into a ballroom at a hotel in Washington to hear former President Donald Trump speak.

The delegates, who were told they would have priority seating at the speech, entered the ballroom to find it nearly full.

Eric Bowling, a delegate from Virginia, told the Washington Examiner that delegates, who were conducting convention business in another chamber, ended their official proceedings early to make sure they had seating.

Libertarian National Committee Chairwoman Angela McArdle, who was reelected to her position Saturday, asked the front rows, which held multiple supporters of Trump, to leave their seats to make room for the Libertarian delegates.

“What’s happening right now is not fun,” McArdle said before asking the first four rows to leave their seats. “Those of you
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