Zelensky claims Ukraine has taken ‘combat control’ in parts of Kharkiv region

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced Friday that he still has “combat control” of the Kharkiv region despite Russian troops invading earlier this month.

Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second-largest city. Some 11,000 people evacuated the border nearest Russia into Kharkiv once troops entered the town of Vovchansk, which is about 12 miles away. Two people in Kharkiv were killed by a bomb Saturday in a construction supplies store, and some 33 people were injured. An estimated 200 people were in the store at the time.

The update comes after Russian troops reportedly “walked in” to the area because there wasn’t a “first line of defense” to stop them. Troops claimed at least nine villages and settlements at the time.

“Our soldiers have now managed to take combat control of the border area where the Russian
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