Trump putting his finger on the scale to revamp GOP platform four years after it froze in time

The Trump campaign is pushing to elect those closely aligned with the presumptive presidential nominee’s agenda to positions on the Republican National Committee‘s Platform Committee. 

Much of this effort by former President Donald Trump’s campaign relates to concerns that far-right conservatives will push stances on abortion and same-sex marriage that may alienate the general population just ahead of the general election.

The RNC’s Platform Committee consists of a male and a female representative from each U.S. state and territory, and it will play an instrumental role in shaping the party’s stances on dozens of policy issues. The party’s current platform is a 66-page document that hasn’t been reviewed since the 2016 election.

In 2020, the RNC passed a resolution stating it would not adopt a new platform, pointing to the COVID-19 pandemic interfering with the party’s ability to hold
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