UK lawmaker with prosthetic limbs says he wants to be known as the ‘bionic MP’

Conservative British legislator Craig Mackinlay returned to work on Wednesday, six months after his hands and feet were amputated due to sepsis

The United Kingdom’s House of Commons joined in a standing ovation for Mackinlay during the weekly prime minister’s question session. Mackinlay said he wants to be known as “the bionic MP” and plans to raise greater awareness of sepsis.

“When children come to Parliament’s fantastic education center, I want them to be pulling their parents’ jackets or skirts or their teacher and saying: ‘I want to see the bionic MP today,’” he said.

Conservative legislator Craig Mackinlay speaks during an interview in the Central Lobby of the Palace of Westminster, London, Wednesday, May 22, 2024. (Jordan Pettitt/PA via AP)

He also vowed to support Britain’s state-funded National Health Service, which treated him and saved his life, to offer better treatment and prosthetics
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