Taiwan wishes Biden and Trump ‘all the best’ before summer campaign kickoffs

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan is confident the United States will be a reliable partner, regardless of who is president next year.

Taiwan’s new deputy foreign minister, Chung-kwang Tien, told the Washington Examiner the U.S. and Taiwan have history, so the relationship will be “rock solid” no matter whether President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump wins another term in this November’s election.

“Taiwan and the United States, we’ve been fighting two world wars, and we have been shoulder to shoulder,” Tien said. “When Taiwan first started, when we came here, we received a lot of U.S. aid. That really set a very good foundation for Taiwan’s development.”

Tien, who became deputy foreign minister this week after President Lai Ching-te’s inauguration, downplayed the prospect of Trump’s second coming, contending elections are a “very common practice
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