Northwestern vows new antisemitism task force after old one disbanded over protests

Northwestern University President Michael Schill vowed on Thursday to recreate a school antisemitism task force after the previous one disbanded because seven of its members resigned in protest of the school‘s capitulation to pro-Palestinian protester demands.

Schill, along with Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway and University of California, Los Angeles, Chancellor Gene Block, testified before the House Education and Workforce Committee regarding their schools’ responses to major protests on their campuses. Republicans piled on Schill in particular during the hearing, slamming the agreement Northwestern made with protesters, as well as the lack of discipline anyone involved has received.

“You and your administration have cited the creation of this committee as proof you are working to counter antisemitism,” Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) said to Schill. “The three faculty members you appointed to it had objected
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