Euclid space telescope releases photos of stellar nursery and galaxy clusters

The European Space Agency released photos taken by its Euclid space telescope, revealing images of a stellar nursery and distant star clusters, on Thursday.

The five images were released almost one year into the Euclid space telescope’s lifespan, which was launched on July 1, 2023, as part of a six-year mission to study cosmology and dark energy.

“Euclid is a unique, ground-breaking mission, and these are the first datasets to be made public — it’s an important milestone,” Valeria Pettorino, ESA’s Euclid Project scientist, said in a press release. “The images and associated science findings are impressively diverse in terms of the objects and distances observed. They include a variety of science applications, and yet represent a mere 24 hours of observations. They give just a hint of what Euclid can do. We are
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