America’s last World War II ‘triple ace’ dies at 102

Brig. Gen. Clarence “Bud” Anderson, the last American “triple ace” of World War II, died Friday at his California home at 102 years old.

A native of the Golden State, Anderson was born on Jan. 13, 1922, and joined the U.S. Army Air Forces in 1942. He entered the Second World War as a member of the 357th Fighter Group and flew a P-51 Mustang named “Old Crow” for his favorite whiskey, according to a report.

Anderson is credited with 16.25 aerial combat victories and was renowned for his heroics as a “triple ace.”

The title “ace” is given to a pilot with at least five credited kills, and a “triple ace” is someone with 15.

Anderson could recall his first victory nearly eight decades after it happened.

Brig. Gen. “Bud”
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