Why Colorado ski resorts’ safety waivers might not protect them

Liability waivers will no longer protect ski resorts that violate state laws based on a new ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court

The ruling marks the end of a yearslong battle from Colorado ski resorts to lean on waivers in the face of lawsuits. Skiers and snowboarders sign these waivers that claim resorts are not liable for possible injuries, even when resorts violate state laws. The court reexamined a lawsuit brought forth by Annie Miller and her father, Michael Miller, over Annie Miller’s 30-foot fall from a ski lift that left her paralyzed in 2022.

“This was a big victory for ski safety in Colorado,” said Bruce Braley, an attorney and former U.S. representative who represented the Millers. “It says unequivocally that ski areas cannot force skiers and snowboarders to sign away their rights
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