Trump tops Biden fundraising for first time as Democratic donor issues warning

President Joe Biden will attend a campaign fundraiser in Boston, Massachusetts, Tuesday evening, yet one of the event’s hosts is warning that the president’s Israel policies could cost him in November.

The president will travel to Boston after campaigning earlier on Tuesday in New Hampshire, which some polls now show as a toss-up in the 2024 general election.

Despite pausing the transfer of 2,000-pound bombs to Israel earlier this month, the president is still facing heavy criticism within the Democratic Party over his handling of the war in Gaza, and George Krupp, a co-host of the president’s Boston fundraiser on Tuesday, urged Biden to take the matter “off the table.”

“I think this Israel thing has been a catastrophe for him,” Krupp said in an interview with the Financial Times on Monday. “I absolutely think that Biden needs to suspend
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