Significant drop noted in Pittsburgh police enforcement

(The Center Square) — On Dec. 4, 2023, police in Pittsburgh pulled over a man for vehicle and licensing violations.

During the traffic stop, the suspect fled and hit two vehicles. The city issued a press release and the incident made the rounds among local news outlets.

It’s the type of police enforcement that the department has cut back on significantly over the years.

Traffic stops conducted by city police dropped from 29,196 in 2017 to 6,916 in 2023. Arrests dropped from 14,205 in 2019 to 7,180 in 2023, according to data the city released earlier this month. These follow national trends in other departments across the U.S.

The department is also scaling back its patrols of the city, implementing recent changes to how it responds to 911 calls and burglar alarms as it struggles to fill positions with a reduced police force.

The City Council earmarked less for law enforcement
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