North Dakota GOP congressional hopeful hires Dylan Mulvaney to troll opponent

A GOP congressional candidate from North Dakota hired controversial transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney on Cameo to troll his opponent and call the person an anti-coal Republican in name only.

Rick Becker used the video from Mulvaney, a biological male who has made millions identifying as a woman, to contrast himself with his opponent, North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak.

“Hi Julie, it’s Dylan Mulvaney from my TikTok and Instagram series ‘Days of Girlhood,’ and I wanted to make you this video because your friend Rick told me that you have a huge job change coming up,” Mulvaney said.

Getting this video made was pretty dang fun.

Dylan Mulvaney, though I doubt he knows who Julie Fedorchak is, did an excellent job highlighting her work against coal plants in North Dakota and her
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