New study finds that cannabis poisonings among senior citizens have tripled

The push to legalize cannabis has led to a significant increase in poisonings and visits to hospital emergency rooms, a newly-released Canadian study revealed.

Researchers analyzed “the association between edible cannabis legalization and emergency department (ED) visits for cannabis poisoning” in adults in Ontario, Canada, who were 65 years old and older. The study found that the number of senior citizens who visited emergency departments in hospitals due to cannabis poisoning tripled after Canada legalized edible cannabis. 

“There’s a bit of an age-related bias that many health care practitioners, and frankly society, hold that older adults are not using drugs. And that’s not true,” Dr. Nathan Stall, one of the study’s authors. “We found that the largest increases in emergency department visits for cannabis poisoning among seniors occurred after edible cannabis became legal for retail sale in January 2020.”

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