Judgment Day: Biden once backed protests as part of winning coalition. Now he’s their target 

Election Day is less than six months away, and voters have a familiar choice of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Unless it’s The Godfather Part II, sequels rarely live up to the hype created by the original. While the main attraction looks like a 2020 repeat on the surface, the star players are competing in a different game, under different rules, and with greater stakes. This Washington Examiner series, Judgment Day: Why 2024 rematch won’t be any old sequel, investigates the key differences from 2020. Part Two is on the changes in the protest movement that have hurt Biden’s campaign.

As Black Lives Matter protests took hold across the nation four years ago, Democrats rushed to embrace the fury that erupted in major cities and found common cause with them.

Vice President Kamala Harris, then the junior Democratic senator from California, Read more…

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