California unemployment rate is worst in the country for second year in a row

A new jobs report reveals California’s unemployment rate in April was 5.3% for the third month in a row.

California possesses the highest unemployment rate in the country, with the national average being 3.9%. Washington, D.C., was not far behind California, with an unemployment rate of 5.2%, and Nevada was at 5.1%. 

A year ago, California’s rate was 4.5% — though it still ranked as the highest in the country.  

Former Employment Development Department Director Michael Bernick told the Sacramento Bee that California’s high unemployment rate can be attributed to small businesses struggling with higher prices and tightened consumer spending, tech layoffs that are still above pre-pandemic rates, and the end of “the enormous federal and state pandemic and post-pandemic spending.” 

For every 140 unemployed workers, there were 100 job openings in March. Less than two years ago, there
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