Bill Maher admits Trump’s humor is a winning strategy: ‘That does not look old’

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher roasted President Joe Biden, saying he “presents as old and ancient,” while admitting that former President Donald Trump’s humor is appealing to voters.

While appearing on Gutfeld!, Maher said he is bothered by the indication that Trump is currently “winning” as the November presidential election draws closer. 

Host Greg Gutfeld suggested that Maher was bothered that Trump “is winning,” adding, “I think that is bothering you, Bill.”

“It is bothering me because again he is an insurrectionist who doesn’t believe in democracy,” Maher said. “So, of course it bothers me. And of course he is also insane, and a criminal, and stupid.”

Bill Maher just ROASTED Biden on Gutfeld:

“Biden presents as old and ancient. That [Trump] does not look old.”

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