Coons warns Netanyahu his legacy could be the breakdown of relations between the US and Israel

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his next war strategy could affect his country’s relationship with the United States.

As President Joe Biden’s campaign co-chairman, Coons appeared on This Week on Sunday to predict the repercussions of Israel attacking Rafah, Gaza, which is filled with Palestinian refugees. According to Coons, an invasion of Rafah could result in Biden holding all weapons from Israel or worse.

“It is tragic that we’re at this point, and Martha, I want to conclude by saying that I hope Prime Minister Netanyahu is thinking about his legacy,” Coons said. “Right now, his legacy is the huge, strategic, and defensive failure of October 7th, and his legacy could be a real gap, a break in the long, strong, bipartisan strategic relationship between the United States and Israel. I think that would be tragic. His legacy could instead be achieving regional security and peace for
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