Rollbacks to Seattle gig worker minimum wage law to go before full city council

(The Center Square) – A proposed bill to amend Seattle’s App-Based Worker Minimum Payment Ordinance has been passed out of a council committee and now faces one more round of voting.

Council Bill 120775 would remove minimum wage adjustments, reduce the per-mile rate, and remove the mileage factor from the current minimum wage law, resulting in a minimum payment standard of $19.97 per hour, along with 35 cents per mile for engaged time while driving. Tips would not be included in the minimum payment.

The bill would not repeal the minimum wage for gig workers, which is set at a guaranteed gross minimum wage of $19.97 per hour. The original “PayUp” ordinance set the minimum wage for delivery drivers at $26.40 per hour without the inclusion of tips.

The current ordinance requires a minimum network company payment of 44 cents per minute and 74 cents per mile for time spent and
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