What’s a Tom Wolfe story with white liberal guilt? Not Tom Wolfe

Is Tom Wolfe, the pioneering journalist and popular novelist who died six years ago this month, still getting the attention he deserves? In recent months, the signs have been mixed. Last fall saw the release of a decent documentary about him, but it received only mild praise and wasn’t long for the box office. This past March, the Atlantic released a list of more than 130 great American novels published over the past century, and none of the Man in White’s bestsellers made the cut. That same day, the New York Times listed 22 of the funniest novels published since 1961 — Wolfe-less again. 

At least Netflix remembers Tom Wolfe, right? This month, the streaming service released a six-episode series based on Wolfe’s 1998 novel A Man in Full. It’s the first on-screen adaptation of
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