Patricia Heaton happily claims title as ‘enemy number one’ of pro-Palestinian extremist

Actress Patricia Heaton mocked a video from a pro-Palestinian activist, claiming she is the “enemy number one” to his cause for her support of Israel.

Heaton shared a video of Taher Herzallah, a member of American Muslims for Palestine, on X on Thursday. In the video, Herzallah claims, “Anybody who has a relationship with or any support or identifies themself as a Jewish person or as a Christian Zionist, then we shall not be their friend. I will tell you that they are enemy No. 1, and our community needs to recognize that as such.”

“I guess I’m ‘enemy number one,’” Heaton wrote in her quote post. “Anyone care to join me?”

I guess I’m “enemy number one.” Anyone care to join me?

— Patricia Heaton (@PatriciaHeaton) May 9, 2024

Heaton has repeatedly broadcast her opinion
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