Franchises unbowed by Biden’s push for easier workplace unionization

Business franchising in America continues to increase, with almost a solid decade of recent growth. The number of franchise establishments grew from 697,943 in 2013 to 806,270 a decade later, and will rise to an estimated 821,589 establishments this year, according to Statista data.

Franchised businesses are often stereotyped as fast-food establishments. The type of businesses that are franchised run the gamut from, yes, food (McDonald’s, Popeyes) to hardware (ACE) to hospitality (Red Lion) to haircuts (Great Clips) to animal care (Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming), and so much more. These are boom times for franchise branding.

This is doubly impressive when you consider that two different recent presidential administrations have pushed changes that would cut franchising down to size. Both former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden‘s administrations have tried to pass
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